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Primary Market Services

Issue Management

We manage issues for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Bonds, and Preference Shares.

Our services include: consultancy services, regulatory compliance fulfillment, valuation of securities, price discovery and book building, underwriting cooperation, public offer and subscription management, and Right Issue/Offer management into successful completion.

UCAPIL helps companies with good growth potential and excellent business ideas raise fund through initial public offering. Through our issue management services we not only aid clients to increase the value of their company but also aid in increasing the supply of quality shares in the capital market. We manage issues for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Bonds, and Preference Shares. The Issue Management Team has wide experience in managing the different types of issues across various industries, leading to in-depth knowledge of the regulatory issues and processes.

List of Issue Management


UCAPIL provides underwriting services for public issues to create efficiencies in the capital markets and reduce risk for new, repeat and right issues. UCAPIL has underwritten a large number of issues in various industries.

Corporate and Financial Advisory

UCAPIL also provides restructuring advisory services to underperforming companies and companies experiencing liquidity problems, in all sectors and in all markets. We provide a prompt and strategic review of the situation and then develop and implement a tailored strategy to help turn around business performance.

In today’s environment of complex transactions and competitive markets, increasing the value of business requires skills and experience. Thus we help clients to undertake the right decision the right way to make their business more competitive and profitable by providing integrated and objective advisory services. We provide assistance in due diligence, support the creation of financial models, act as financial advisors, aid in overall project management and provide solutions on financial and corporate matters. Whatever the size, nature or location of a company or deal – we can play a critical role throughout the deal lifecycle.

Mergers and Acquisitions

UniCap Investments Ltd acts as the financial advisor for the total Merger or Acquisition transaction whether the client is the bidder or the target. The experienced M&A advisors at UCAPIL help companies steer through profitable opportunities starting from origination to closure. Our knowledge of company law, business acumen, relationships and resources help facilitate achieve successful transactions. Our work includes identification of the business to be acquired, strategic planning of the acquisition, valuations, transaction structuring, negotiation with parties, advice on financing, supervising due diligence, legal and other issues to work towards successful completion.


UCAPIL as a part of advisory activity engages in counseling for divestiture procedures-

A divestiture is the activity of completely or partially selling an investment in an internal trading partner to an “external organization”, that is to a company that does not belong to the subgroup or consolidated group. UCAPIL as a part of advisory activity engages in counseling for divestiture procedures like: whether to divest slowly over time or in a chunk, analysis of divestiture on capital market, financial reporting adjustments, determination of realistic price expectation, prepare marketing documents, Discreetly locate multiple qualified buyers, Negotiate on behalf of the sellers to obtain the best selling price, arrange financing to make the transaction a reality and so on.