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UCAPIL provides portfolio management services with high performed team, efficient research people and excellent customer services. Portfolio Management services can be distinctively categorized into the following 2 types of accounts:

It's a fully non-discretionary portfolio account where the account holder will have the option to avail margin loan facility. Our IDA clients usually obtain higher return than any other savings instruments. Moreover investment in capital market is liquid which allows investors to reap capital gain at any time.
Management Discretionary Account service is provided to investors where the portfolio accounts on behalf of the clients is managed by efficient and highly skilled professional team. MDA service is backed up by full-fledged research unit of UCAPIL and proficient management committee comprising of experienced and reputed professionals in the industry.


At UCAPIL, we encourage and uphold discipline in investment through rigorous Research in the investment arena. Our Research coverage includes but not limited to listed companies, sector and economy of Bangladesh. Our qualified and dedicated professionals provide insightful opinion regarding different covered areas to facilitate your investment decision. Our footprint reached at global village through information hubs like Bloomberg along with frequent publications in local media.


With a rich experience in Investment Banking, we assist our clients to our best throughout the IPO process, along with sustained market support. Our core strength lies in:

Right Profile

Correctly positioning the company in the financial market to procure the right profile of institutional and retail investors

Valuation of The Enterprise

We assist our clients to our best throughout valuation of the enterprise


We assist our clients to our best throughout showcasing the enterprise to the right investors

Optimum Pricing

We assist our clients to our best throughout the optimum pricing of the companies

Best Financial Structure

UniCap Investments Limited devising the best financial structure among the companies

Strong Co-ordination

Completing the entire process smoothly and efficiently, leveraging our strong co-ordination with regulatory authorities

Our aim is to value and place the company in the financial market correctly, provide maximum return to the investors, ensure growth and continuous value-creation for the company going public. Therefore, our post-listing support enables the companies to face the new regulatory environment they enter after listing. Our Investment Banking Team is capable of devising innovative solution for raising capital, both debt and equity, from the market, matching the unique needs and constraints of the corporate clients. Equipped with some of the most qualified, experienced and innovative personnel in the sector, we are committed to provide the best solution to our corporate clients in terms of managing public offers. Our Investment Banking operation focuses on Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Rights Issue Management, Corporate Advisory on Pre-IPO Capital Raising, Underwriting, Participation in the Pre-IPO Placement/Capital Raising of forthcoming IPOs and Merchant Banker Service in substantial Share Acquisition and Take Over.

About Us

UniCap Investments Limited (UCAPIL) is a fully owned Investment Banking subsidiary of Union Capital Limited and a sister concern of UniCap Securities Limited. The Investment bank is licensed to operate as an Issue manager, Portfolio manager and Underwriter corporate advisor, Registrar to the issue. UCAPIL has been a leading operator of both Discretionary and Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Services to both Institutional and Retail Clients. The Company has experience in managing Discretionally Portfolio according to various mandates such as Islami Shariah.

Corporate Profile

UniCap Investments Limited (UCAPIL) a fully owned subsidiary of Union Capital Limited, one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Bangladesh. UCAPIL is engaged in providing investment banking services and Investment Management Services for its clients.

UCAPIL has positioned itself prominently in investment banking through its wide range of investment banking product services and broad client base.

With substantial expertise and long track record of operational experience in the capital market of Bangladesh, UCAPIL made itself a major force in investment banking business of Bangladesh.

We have competent human resources with a combination of experience, diversified knowledge, and knowledge on regulations. Our human resources are well capable of providing optimum financial solutions for our clients. UCAPIL values on long term sustainable business operation and relationship with clients. We provide tailored financial solution for client with in-depth analysis.

As a stakeholder of the capital market of Bangladesh, UCAPIL values the importance of development of capital market of Bangladesh. We always try to create value addition in the market by introducing new products, maintaining global standard in services we offer, standardizing the operational procedures for providing international standard service.

Company Background

UniCap Investments Limited (the company), a subsidiary of Union Capital Limited, is a public company limited by shares which is incorporated in Bangladesh on 24th May 2011 vide certificate of incorporation no. C-93014/11 under the companies Act 1994. The registered office of the company is situated at A-A Bhaban, 23 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000.

UniCap Investments Limited delivers a whole range of investment banking services including merchant banking activities such as Issue Management, Underwriting, Portfolio Management and Corporate Advisory.

UniCap Investments Limited is a full-fledged merchant banker registered with Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission bearing no. MB-86/2013.


To support the aspirations of customers, employees and stakeholders with objectivity, knowledge, insight and experience by:

  • Delivering exclusive and flexible equity and investment solutions to customers to meet the unique needs of each individual or corporate body.
  • Building capacity through recruitment and development of highly qualified personnel and through effective utilization of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Ensuring excellence in corporate governance and strong ethical conduct.
  • Create long-term value for clientele and stakeholders and the community as a whole.


Corporate Office

Noor Tower, (4th Floor)
110 Bir Uttam C.R Dutta Road,
Dhaka – 1205.
Tel: +880 (2) 9632161-2
Tel: +880 (2) 9632164-5
Fax: +880 (2) 9632163

Registered Office

A-A Bhaban, 9th Floor
23 Motijheel C/A
Dhaka – 1000.
Tel: +880 (2) 9515946-55
Fax: +880 (2) 9575961

Gulshan Office

Richmond Concord
68 Gulshan Avenue, 6th Floor
Gulshan-1, Dhaka – 1212.
Tel: +880 (2) 8820366
Tel: +880 (2) 8828220
Fax: +880 (2) 8825740, 8814480-1

Chittagong Office

Ayub Trade Center, 12th Floor
1269/B SK. Mujib Road
Agrabad, Chittagong
Tel: +880 (31) 2513353-4
Tel: +880 (31) 2513558-9
Fax: +880 (31) 2513356

Sylhet Office

J.R Tower, 2nd Floor
23 Abash, Jailroad
Sylhet – 3100
Tel: +880 (821) 728440-41
Fax: +880 (821) 728437

Key Strength


UniCap Investments Limited takes pride in the quality of its people and the collective track record they represent. From the time of its inception UCAPIL has made the best effort to attract and retain the best minds in the business and investments, with broad-ranging expertise in primary market operation, equity analysis, portfolio management, private equity, leveraged finance, restructuring, M&A, corporate advisory and many other disciplines.


UCAPIL is able to harness investment banking opportunities for our clients and add value to their pursuit of competitive advantage, productivity and profitability at a domestic and regional level. We will stay focused and relentlessly pursue our promise of excellence. Staying on the course in good times and bad times to achieve our goals, we will stay strong in the face of new challenges by being flexible - continuously adapting and improving. As a subsidiary of Union Capital Limited, UCAPIL is backed by its wide range of financial service providing expertise. UCAPIL sees opportunities in corporate, institutional and investment banking via the building of synergistic alliances among businesses with that of the Union Capital Limited and taking brokerage service from Unicap Securities Limited, the top broker in country.

Integrity 100%

UCAPIL practices uncompromising integrity and ethics in all of its dealings. Backed by UCAPIL’s rigorously specified and documented code of ethics and professional conduct, UCAPIL employees are always properly aware about the most updated laws and regulations regarding capital market and other operations. UCAPIL truly believes that acting ethically is imperative to build an efficient and well structured capital market and it’s mandatory for the employees of UCAPIL to be properly aware and abide by the rules and regulations of governing body as well as act according to the code of conduct of UCAPIL.


By orienting our interests with those of our clients, UCAPIL has become a trusted partner for retail investors, institutional investors and business partners. Many of the top institutions in country value and trust UCAPIL as their prime business partner and corporate-financial advisor. Advisory clients recognize that we bring a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and a commitment to provide effective solutions to all assignments.

Clients First100%

From its earliest days, UCAPIL has come to believe that client’s interest comes before everything else. Clients first stand for professionalism, trust and a devotion to excellence. It’s the clients for which we are here all time and it’s the most important motto of UCAPIL to serve our clients in a way that maintains their best interest.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

We will be the best financial brand in the country

Our Mission

We will focus on quality growth, superior customer experience and sustainable business practices.

Our Values

Customer Focus
Equal Opportunity
Trust and Respect Passion

Broard of Directors


Mr. Faruk-e-Azam Bin Haider

Chief Executive Officer (C.C)

Mr. Faruk-e-Azam Bin Haider.

Md. Shahidul Islam

Head of Business

Mr. Shahidul Islam has completed Masters of Commerce major in Management from National University of Bangladesh. Mr. Islam has started his career in 2005 with Prime Finance Capital Management Limited as an Officer in Portfolio Management Department. He has 13 years of extensive experience in Merchant Bank and NBFI in various positions. During his long tenure of professional career, he served Prime Finance Capital Management Ltd for 08 years before joined in the UniCap Investments Limited. He has joined Union Capital Limited on July 2013. Mr. Islam is currently working as Senior Manager of Portfolio Management Department of UniCap Investments Limited. He has attended various training, workshop and seminars conducted by BSEC and DSE.

Md. Al Momin Chowdhuri

Head of Primary Market

Mr. AL Momin Chowdhuri, MBA, PGDCM is Manager (Primary Market Operation) of Unicap Investments Limited. Mr. Chowdhuri is a highly experienced and qualified professional having knowledge of global corporate business management and worked in various institutions in Bangladesh. He started his career with Grameen Capital Management Limited,(a full-fledged Merchant Bank of Grameen Bank Group) Bangladesh as an Executive. Since then he has worked with different renowned Merchant Banks in Bangladesh in various positions.

Mr. Chowdhuri's career track stretches more than 10 years which has given him exposure and has provided him with invaluable expertise in different Business Development across business segments. His strong business development acumen to structure a financially viable business model, Equity Research, Teasers, profitability and growth of the organization, Capital Market operations and strong interpersonal and negotiation skills in dealing with clients has made him a likable person in the professional arena across business segments in Bangladesh. He attended a number of training courses and seminars in home and abroad.


Witness the key milestones we’ve achieved over the years –

Year Date Milestones
2002 April 10 Registered as Merchant Bank in the name of Union Capital Limited.
2006 January Successfully completed IPO of S Alam Cold Rolled Steels Limited.
2008 May 22 Opening of Sylhet branch.
2010 April 08 Opening of Motijheel branch.
2011 January 13 Successfully completed IPO of Deshbandhu Polymer Limited.
2011 March 22 Opening of Gulshan branch.
2011 May 24 Incorporation as a Public Limited Company.
2012 April 08 Successfully completed IPO of Padma Islami Life Insurance Limited.
2013 December 30 Registered as Full-Fledged Merchant Bank in the name of UniCap Investments Limited.
2014 April 28 Registered as Depository Participants of CDBL.
2016 December 14 Signed Issue Management agreement with Rhymer Chemical Industries Limited.
2018 March 12 First ever signed agreement to act as Registrar to the Issue of upcoming IPO of Baraka Patenga Power Ltd.

Product & Services

Portfolio Management Services

Non Discretionary Investors Account (NDA)

In the ever changing capital market, managing investment has become an increasingly complex and time consuming process for a company or an individual to handle in isolation. For effective investment, you have to go through the hassle of following tons of financial data and market information continuously. To relieve you from this never ending process, we are here with, our very own discretionary portfolio management service exclusively designed for your investment needs where:

  • Dedicated investment managers will look after your investments with their best judgment and market outlook
  • Investment policy will be specially designed to attain your individual goals and objectives
  • All the market related data and information will be closely monitored on your behalf
  • Appropriate securities will be identified according to your investment needs
  • Forecasting and judging possible market movements will take place with proper scrutiny
  • Investment process will be highly professional with strict risk analysis
  • Rebalancing of your portfolio will be done according to market scenario and future predication


For the business entities who want to grow and diversify their assets through capital market investments to achieve goals like

  • Growing funds for future capital expansion & future working capital needs
  • Growing funds to hedge against any future obligation
  • Taking tax benefits through capital market investments
  • Diversifying investments of foreign companies through capital market of Bangladesh


Don't be worried about future uncertainties. Let us help you to increase your wealth to meet your individual and family needs.


Fulfills your dreams and desires by taking care of your money at the earlier stages of your investor life cycle.


For the expatriates to make them feel like home who wants to contribute to the country's economic development.

Loan Facility : Based on investor's preference and BSEC regulations

Sl. No. Particulars Fees/Charges
01 Documentation Charge BDT 500/-
02 Management Fees 1.5% per annum, on assets value of the portfolio
03 Interest on Margin 16% per annum (Subject to change)
04 Brokerage fee 0.35% of transaction value (Subject to change)
05 Termination fee BDT 1,000/-

The funds in discretionary account will be invested in various securities from the approved list considering the risk profile and return expectation of individual clients. The key features are:

  • Portfolio management and asset selection is backed by extensive research and analysis.
  • Daily monitoring of your investment by the portfolio manager and research personnel.
  • Every investment decision by research findings are strictly reviewed and approved by investment committee.
  • Portfolio formation and diversification that is customized for individual customers.
  • High ethical culture and fair dealings for all clients

Investment Guidelines:

  • Take an appropriate level of investment risk
  • Maximize return at that risk level
  • Maintain a level of cash reserve in order to meet short term emergency expenditures
  • Periodically monitor and revise the portfolio as required

Risk Statement:

Prospective clients of account should consider that portfolio investment in capital market involves certain risk factors, including those set forth below, which are not necessarily exhaustive or mutually exclusive-

  • Portfolio return is significantly dependent on the macro economic situation and on the capital market in particular
  • Illiquidity and the extreme price volatility may significantly impact the portfolio performance. Due to lack of adequate number of securities, the portfolio may not be optimally diversified
  • Appropriate balancing between different asset classes may not be achieved due to absence of active debt market
  • Despite careful selection of stocks, companies may fail to provide expected dividend or make timely disbursements
  • The value of the portfolio assets may be affected by uncertainties such as political or social instability, adverse climatic condition, or change in any law or regulations of the territory

Fair dealings to all clients:

Portfolio manager is committed to adopt a clear and transparent investment process in the area of portfolio composition, securities selection, execution, monitoring and rebalancing. The investment process has been carefully designed to ensure:

  • Independent professional judgment and responsibility in every stratum of decision making
  • Elimination of all sorts of conflicts of interest
  • Fair dealing and objectivity in every transaction
  • Compliance of law and other fiduciary duties

Non Discretionary Investors Account Cash (NDAC)

UniCap Investments Limited provides comprehensive non-discretionary services including trade execution and margin loan under its Investors Portfolio account called ‘NDAC’. We are capable of executing proper and efficient trades through our designated sister concern ‘Unicap Securities Ltd’, the largest stock broker of the country.

Major Features of NDAC :

  • Clients have absolute discretionary power to make their buy and sell decisions from the securities approved by the portfolio manager.
  • All the securities purchased by the clients shall remain in line in favor of portfolio manager.
  • Portfolio manager will administer the investment of the clients and also provide the total custodian services.
  • Clients will enjoy trading facility in both the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange.
  • To facilitate the clients to enhance their return on investments through leveraging, the portfolio manager will extend margin loan to the clients.
  • No restriction on capital withdrawal by the clients.
  • Fund management fee is one of the lowest in the industry.
  • No trigger selling without discussing with the client.
Serial No Particulars Fees/ Charges
01 Documentation Charge BDT 500/-
02 Management Fee (To Be Charged Yearly) 2.5% p.a. assets value of Portfolio
03 Interest On Margin (To Be Charged Yearly) 15% p.a
04 Brokerage Fee 0.35% of transaction
*All charges are subject to change.

Withdrawals and Closure of Accounts

The account may be closed and these terms and conditions terminated at any time by giving written notice to that effect by either party. At the time of termination portfolio manager will deduct all dues from client equity.

All acts performed by the manager prior to receiving written notice of such closure from client need to be valid.

Primary Market Service

Issue Management

We manage issues for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Bonds, and Preference Shares.

UCAPIL helps companies with good growth potential and excellent business ideas raise fund through initial public offering. Through our issue management services we not only aid clients to increase the value of their company but also aid in increasing the supply of quality shares in the capital market. We manage issues for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Bonds, and Preference Shares. The Issue Management Team has wide experience in managing the different types of issues across various industries, leading to in-depth knowledge of the regulatory issues and processes.

Our services include: consultancy services, regulatory compliance fulfillment, valuation of securities, price discovery and book building, underwriting cooperation, public offer and subscription management, and Right Issue/Offer management into successful completion.


UCAPIL provides underwriting services for public issues to create efficiencies in the capital markets and reduce risk for new, repeat and right issues. UCAPIL has underwritten a large number of issues in various industries.

Corporate and Financial Advisory

In today's environment of complex transactions and competitive markets, increasing the value of business requires skills and experience. Thus we help clients to undertake the right decision the right way to make their business more competitive and profitable by providing integrated and objective advisory services. We provide assistance in due diligence, support the creation of financial models, act as financial advisors, aid in overall project management and provide solutions on financial and corporate matters. Whatever the size, nature or location of a company or deal - we can play a critical role throughout the deal lifecycle.

UCAPIL also provides restructuring advisory services to underperforming companies and companies experiencing liquidity problems, in all sectors and in all markets. We provide a prompt and strategic review of the situation and then develop and implement a tailored strategy to help turn around business performance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

UniCap Investments Ltd acts as the financial advisor for the total Merger or Acquisition transaction whether the client is the bidder or the target. The experienced M&A advisors at UCAPIL help companies steer through profitable opportunities starting from origination to closure. Our knowledge of company law, business acumen, relationships and resources help facilitate achieve successful transactions. Our work includes identification of the business to be acquired, strategic planning of the acquisition, valuations, transaction structuring, negotiation with parties, advice on financing, supervising due diligence, legal and other issues to work towards successful completion.


UCAPIL as a part of advisory activity engages in counseling for divestiture procedures-
A divestiture is the activity of completely or partially selling an investment in an internal trading partner to an "external organization", that is to a company that does not belong to the subgroup or consolidated group. UCAPIL as a part of advisory activity engages in counseling for divestiture procedures like: whether to divest slowly over time or in a chunk, analysis of divestiture on capital market, financial reporting adjustments, determination of realistic price expectation, prepare marketing documents, Discreetly locate multiple qualified buyers, Negotiate on behalf of the sellers to obtain the best selling price, arrange financing to make the transaction a reality and so on.

Investment Banking Services

Since inception, UniCap Investments Limited has achieved an unparalleled reputation as a leading provider of Investment Banking services by consistently delivering best in class advisory and execution excellence, coupled with a high level of integrity to its client relationships.

At UniCap Investments Limited, Investment Banking Department offers a full suite of Investment Banking services including traditional merchant banking activities such as Issue Management & Underwriting. UCAPIL also provides value-added services such as Corporate Advisory and Strategic Capital Raising Initiatives. The institute offers investment services to cross border transactions as well.

Services provided by the Investment Banking team include:

  • IPO & RPO

    • Initial Public Offering (IPO) & Repeat Public Offering (RPO)
    • Valuation of the Issuer Company and pricing of the securities to be offered to the public using various financial modeling techniques
    • Preparation of the Information Memorandum/Prospectus
    • Due diligence of all material agreements and documents (asset title deeds, joint venture agreement(s), etc.)
    • Assessment and settlement of tax and/or legal issues with the assistance of the Company and other professionals such as legal and financial advisors/auditors
    • Co-ordination of work of other professionals and organizations, e.g. lawyers, accounting firms, credit rating agencies, bankers to the issue, underwriters, etc.
    • Co-ordination of works with various regulatory authorities, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bangladesh Bank, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC), etc.
    • Obtain, arrange and present all documents to file the application to the SEC in compliance with the Public Issue Rules & Regulations of Bangladesh
    • Submit complete application with all relevant documents to the SEC and Stock Exchange(s)
    • Arranging bankers to the issue and underwriting syndication
    • Liaising with the SEC on all issues regarding the IPO
    • Co-ordination post issue management services
  • Rights Issue

    • Review of the Issuer Company’s financial position and forecasts
    • Evaluation of the issue structure desired by Issuer and its respective demand potential from prospective investors in the market
    • Assessment of the capital structure of the offering
    • Advise on timing of the offering
    • Development of transaction/offering strategy, work plan and implementation strategy
    • Overall due diligence of Issuer Company
    • Compile comprehensive Offer Document(s) based on the information and business plan provided by Issuer
    • Coordinate the documentation for issuance of the securities
    • Assist Issuer to coordinate publicity of the fund raising
    • Resolve legal and regulatory issues
    • Valuation of Issuer and its securities using various financial modeling techniques
    • Coordination of work of other professionals and organizations, e.g. lawyers, accounting firm, bankers to the issue, underwriters, etc.
    • Arrange syndication of underwriters
    • Obtain, arrange and present all documents to file the application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    • Submit complete application with all relevant documents to the SEC
    • Coordination of works with various regulatory authorities, Bangladesh Bank, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC), etc.
  • Capital Raising

    • Valuation of the Issuer Company using various financial modeling techniques
    • Preparation of Information Memorandum with the assistance of the Company and professional legal and financial advisors/auditors
    • Evaluation and assessment of material agreements (asset title deeds, joint venture agreement(s), etc.); tax and legal issues with the assistance of the Company and professional legal and financial advisors/auditors
    • Coordination of work of other professionals and organizations, e.g. lawyers, accounting firms, credit rating agencies, etc.
    • Coordination of works with various regulatory authorities, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bangladesh Bank, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC), etc.
    • Obtain, arrange and present all documents to file the application to the SEC
    • Submit complete application with all relevant documents to the SEC
    • Liaising with the SEC on all issues regarding the Capital Raising
  • Corporate Advisory

    • Review of capital structure
    • Structure the transaction
    • Assist in a formal capital planning exercise for the Company
    • Complete Due Diligence for preparation of its desired strategy (IPO, Restructuring, Expansion, etc.)
    • Resolve legal and regulatory issues
    • Advise on timing of the offering of the securities
    • Assist in other corporate advisor’s workings
  • Corporate Advisory

    • Underwriting of Initial public offering, Repeat Public Offering and Rights Issue






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